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Successful Routines to Achieve Financial Freedom

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Do you want to be financially independent and be in control of your life? Probably all of you are going to answer - Absolutely YES!

Do you believe that your daily routine and habits are the key contributors to becoming financially independent?

Then ask yourself a question – what I am doing every day that is an absolute waste of time?

Just name one thing. Scrolling social media? Reading the news? It could be anything. Then ask yourself a second question – how much time do I devote to it daily?

Now think about the life of an athlete and the structure of their day.

Taking control over your daily routines is an 'athlete-style' way to achieve successful habits and reach financial freedom fast.

It is a combination of training, recovery time, meals, and nutrition planning. Many of us exercise and try to be active, but only a few become professional athletes and win the Olympic games. The key to success is discipline and the right balance of nutrition, training, recovery.

If you want to achieve financial independence, you need to think about a similar plan.

You need to have a balanced daily routine, and you can start with some simple steps.

Nutrition. Think about what you are doing every day that is a detriment. What is that? And just reduce it a little bit. Perhaps it is fewer hours on social media, one less glass of wine, or one more hour of sleep? 

Training. Don’t write massive to-do lists! It is not going to help. Just choose one or two things that will make a real difference today. It will help be one step closer to developing a new skill or growing your experience. But choose one that you will be able to monetize or the one that will translate into some sort of income.

Recovery. Don’t forget about recovery time. Define what recharges you? Sports, music, running? Schedule it and stick to it rigidly. And one more important thing – it should be time when you can completely switch off from your daily problems and free up your mind, ideally by yourself.

Repeat. Remove a small piece of detriment (you can eat an elephant by chopping it!), make a difference (e.g. study a skill only if you are going to monetize it), and reward yourself and recover. Repetition is the backbone of your daily routine and discipline.

If you find the above ideas useful and would like to learn more about how to achieve financial freedom, we offer individual sessions with PhD in Economics, where you can go deeper into how to establish daily routines. You will work through your particular situation to uncover what are your success factors at this very moment and what are the missing elements. We will show you how to embed them into your daily routine.

Our solutions and design tips are tested, proven, and will help you develop successful habits, achieve your goals, and reach even higher. All that you learn will form your new daily routines! Why not try?

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