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Calm & Sleep

Good sleep and staying calm are essential to living your best life. It's not easy to always stay calm especially if you are in a high-pressure job or living in a big city.

We'vee been there and collected all the best tools and techniques to get you sleeping again...zzz.

We are working hard to get this section (and all others in our Calm Centre) ready for you. In the meantime, why not start with the most amazing tool for calming down your mind - breathing? 

Why breathing is awesome?


We love breathing for a few reasons:

  • It gets you results super quick - you'll be calm in no time

  • It's so versatile - there are breathing techniques for virtually anything - from getting you calm to super energised

  • You can use this tool any time anywhere - all you need to have is your breath. And, good news, as long as you are alive - you should have it handy

  • Breathing is like a legal drug - when you become a breathing ninja, you will enter unthinkable states without any illegal substances involved. All absolutely for free (you're welcome!)

We will be teaching you lots of techniques. Let's get started with the fundamentals - 2-to-1 breathing technique. Enjoy! 

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