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We help to attract and retain the most creative, innovative, and high-performing people. Together, we will build an excellent employee experience and support for your people so that they never want to leave.
Life Startup for Corporate Clients

In today's world of endless possibilities, it's easier than ever to pave your path. Your most talented employees will do just that. And likely outside of your company.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We can help you to:

  • Re-think your organisation to adapt to the new world 

  • Enable your people to find purpose

  • Provide holistic support to your employees on every step of their journey with you 

  • Build a happy, fulfilled, creative and productive workforce

Consulting services to help you re-imagine your employee experience


Reimagine the future of your organisation

Best people nowadays have a lot of options. It is easier than ever to set up a business, become a digital nomad, or a freelancer. People are increasingly looking to live life on their terms. As a result, corporate career becomes a lot less attractive.

It doesn't have to be this way. Your organisation can become everything your people are looking for. If you understand what truly matters to them and can offer it.

We will help you figure out how your organisation can become a place no employee wants to leave.

Coaching to help employees develop and grow


Employee support on every step of their journey

We offer corporate coaching packages delivered by our world-class coaches. Our programmes are designed to support your employees through all steps of their journey:

  • Leadership coaching for newly promoted managers and senior executives

  • International transitions coaching for employees going on an assignment or relocating to a new country

  • Calm, sleep & resilience coaching for employees working in a high-pressure environment

Will help you be the most caring employer out there by providing holistic support to your employees.

Finding life purpose

Life Strategy

Signature programme to help employees find purpose

Lack of purpose and lack of fulfillment are the top reasons for most creative, innovative, and productive people leaving the corporate world. 

New generation talent often values purpose above financial compensation. If you help your employees to re-connect with their purpose and find a way to fulfill that within your organisation, you will build loyalty for life.

We will help your employees discover their purpose and fulfill it within your organisation. Take a look at our step-by-step Life Strategy methodology. 

Wellbeing and development workshops


Build a healthy, happy and productive workforce

We deliver a variety of workshops to help your employees stay healthy, creative, and productive. We collaborate with you to tailor each session to the needs of your teams.


Available virtually or in-person:

  • Individual and team leadership

  • How to find purpose

  • Practical tools for calm & sleep

  • How to cultivate happiness

  • How to be creative

We help you build a happy, creative and fulfilled workforce that is key to innovation and growth. 

Get in Touch

We would love to get to know you and your organisation better. Book a call and we can talk about your needs and find a way to work together to ensure we help you the best we can.

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