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Did you know that all successful people have coaches, mentors, and a lot of support on their way to success?
You don't need to figure it out all by yourself.
Resolve your challenges faster and more effectively so that you can focus on what really matters.

Our Coaches




Founder & Life Strategy Coach

Strategist, innovator and a coach. Spent years as a strategy consultant

Strategist, innovator, and coach. Spent years as a strategy consultant in London working with CEOs of large corporates helping them develop growth strategies. Now does the same for Life Startup clients. Natalya is a digital nomad and has a portfolio career.

Jacquie Patton.jpg



Holistic Life & Career Coach

Life-coach and Emotion-Code practitioner with 15 years’ experience

Jacquie is a life-coach and Emotion-Code practitioner with 15 years’ experience in career counselling & development, cross-cultural adaptation, and empowering people to achieve their goals.

Petra Hangweier copy.jpg



Leadership & Life Strategy Coach

Senior business executive with years of experience in leadership functions

Senior business executive with years of experience in leadership functions at Unilever - a global FMCG company. Left corporate career to become a yoga teacher, marketing professor, and coach.

Caroline Von Koenig.JPG


Von Koenig

Wellbeing & Life Strategy Coach

Caroline spent years in management consulting helping companies

Caroline spent years in management consulting helping companies land complex transformation programs. 
On a mission to empower people to feel more fulfilled and balanced, she also helps individuals transform their lives, re-evaluating priorities and investing time and energy in what really matters.

Olga Kugatkina copy.jpg



Researcher & Contributor

Business consultant and PhD in economics

Business consultant and PhD in economics. Olga specialises in international transitions and personal finance and acts as an expert and the SME for Life Startup team.

Lutz Goerendt copy.jpg



Interpersonal Communications Coach

MA in Health Promotion and


Lutz is an MA in Health Promotion and Psychology. He works in corporate health management and a certified coach in Healthy Leadership.

Our Coaching Programmes

Coaching to help you get clarity on your problem

Mental Clarity Bootcamp

Solution for those looking for mental clarity and relief.


With professional guidance you will:

  • Structure your problem

  • Get mental clarity

  • Identifying possible solutions

  • Define specific next steps.


Make a Decision

Making big decisions can be confusing, disorienting, and paralysing. 

We will help you get clarity on your situation, re-connect with who you really are and assist you in making the most optimal decision.

Leadership coaching with world-class coach

Leadership with Petra

Petra Hangweier is an accomplished businesswoman. She spent 25 years at Unilever in senior leadership roles.


Petra is a leader herself and passionate about empowering and growing the new generation of leaders.

Improve sleep and reduce anxiety

Re-gain Your Calm with Natalya

Good sleep and staying calm are essential to living your best life. It's not easy to stay calm especially if you are in a high-pressure job or living in a big city.

Natalya will teach you practical techniques to help you work through your worries and fears and learn techniques for de-stressing and calming your mind.

Coaching to prepare for international career

International Career with Olga

Olga lived in five different countries and is your go-to person if you are considering a move or a career abroad.

She will help you evaluate your options, prepare for the move and adjust as quickly as you can.

Become an entrepreneur and start your own business

Start a Business with Natalya

Are you fascinated by the idea of starting your own business, but don't know where to start? Or maybe already have an idea and need a little help turning it into reality?

Natalya will help you get real quick without wasting your time and money.

Looking for something else?

Didn't find a session that you are looking for? Get in touch to discuss your unique situation.

Book a quick catch-up with a member of our team and we will be happy to answer your questions.


What our Clients say

I first connected with my coach, Petra, for a trial session. From the very first minute, I was impressed by her approach and experience.

Working with Petra helped me a lot: she helped me understand myself more, challenged me and adviced on how to address specific situations.


All our sessions were very practical and immediately gave me the concrete action points to work with. 

What I was impressed with the most, is that just after a few minutes she was able to identify exactly where I was struggling, even if I could not formulate it myself clearly before.

A great coach challenges, creates accountability and drives results through his empathetic still pragmatic approach. It is not an easy task to find the right coach and I am very happy that I found mine!

Elena M..jpg

Elena Marselis

Office, Industry and Healthcare Lighting Systems Segment Leader METAP at Signify

Your Life, Your Plan


Pay as you go

This plan is great for those who are still exploring coaching and not yet ready to commit. You can pay per session as and when you need it.

You can use your session within 3 months of purchase.

249 €

per session


10-session pack

To achieve the best results, you will likely require more than one session. This pack allows you to book your sessions right away and get a better price.


You can use your sessions to book any of our individual coaching services within 6 months of purchase.

1690 €

(€169 per session)


20-session pack

With this coaching package, you are getting the best value for money and setting yourself up for best results.


You can use your sessions to book any of our individual coaching services with any of the coaches within 12 months of purchase.

2,980 €

(€149 per session)

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