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We are on a mission to make

the world more fulfilled


We can't do it on our own, and if you are excited about what we do and want to help - that means we will get to the world we dream of faster. 

Open Roles



Technical Founder / CTO

Time to take Life Startup to the new height andwe are looking for a tech founder and CTO. 

We have a step-by-step proprietary method to help people who are stuck design their next chapter. The results are great and want to make it available to more people with a digital product. That is where you come in!

We want you to bring your technical skills and product design expertise to help us translate our program into an interactive, self-guided digital experience. The long-term roadmap is even more exciting and we will share more in a chat!

No application is needed, just send me an email to 

Full role description is here.


UX / Interaction Designer 

We are looking for someone to help us turn Life Strategy into an exciting digital product that will captivate the whole world and will win over the hearts on a mission to make people more intentional about their lives.

We need help with the ideas for how to make this product as engaging as possible and potentially the development of those interactions & UX designs in an exciting and gamified way.

No application is needed, just send me an email to 


Get in Touch


Interested in joining our ambitous team? Let's chat! Just drop us an email on



Be a chef, not a cook

Don’t just follow the recipe. Instead, understand the common principles and apply your own wisdom to create your way.

Be courageous

It takes some guts to be a trailblazer. But the reward is worth the risk. Be courageous to try something new, to try something different.

Take a lead

Not happy with something? Change it. See a problem? Solve it.

Do what you love

When you do what’s in sync with who you truly are, you are bound to deliver excellent results.



Work where

you want

You can be anywhere you like, if you get your work done and can deliver an excellent service to our clients.

Hands-on and

practical approach

We take bias towards action and adopt experimentation approach. If you have an idea, how can you test it quickly?

Work when

you want

We respect individual rhythms and schedules – if it works for your client and works for you – it works for us.

We are a

dream team

We are here to support each other, learn from each other and inspire each other. If you don’t know something or are struggling – ask for help.

Always ask "Why?"

We never take things for granted. If it always has been done in a certain way, it doesn’t mean it is the only and the best way.

Aesthetics is

the king

We believe the beauty will save the world. Whatever you are creating – a web page, a social media post, an exercise for the client – make sure it looks amazing!

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