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Are your employees fulfilled?


"Just living isn't enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

-Hans Christian Anderson


Are you investing in employee wellbeing but seeing little results?

Most wellbeing programmes are just patchwork solutions that do not address the root cause – lack of fulfilment and meaning in life.


Fulfillment is a strategic foundation for sustainable employee wellbeing

Lack of fulfillment is what fundamentally hinders wellbeing at the deepest level. It results in depression, a drop in productivity, and employee churn.

Having an individual life purpose has a disproportionate impact on employee wellbeing and work effectiveness.

LSQ copy.png

And that’s what has a lasting effect on employee wellbeing.


We partnered with PhDs, health scientists, doctors, and strategy consultants and created Life Strategy Quest - a step-by-step coaching programme to help your employees look at their life strategically and holistically and become more fulfilled.


What Your Employees Get

Individual North Start & Life Purpose

We will guide your employees to help them uncover their purpose and set the North Star for a meaningful life.and your personal trade-offs.

Tools for Living

a Good Life

The tools your employees will learn will help them stay fulfilled in the future.



We will lay a foundation for a lifelong wellbeing through improved mental and physical health.

A Holistic

Life Plan

We will help translate that purpose into an integrated life plan for all areas of life.



We will continuously inspire your employees with examples and trends to push their thinking outside the box.


Step-by-step programme covers

Find out who you are

Defining who you are

We will look at the values, dreams, yearnings, frustrations, interests, passions, talents, curiosities, likes and dislikes to build a holistic picture.

What the world has to offer

The purpose of this step is to get inspired before setting the bold vision. The client will explore latest trends and inspiring case studies.

Find out what the world has to offer

Defining what is missing

The purpose of this step is to define the entry point into the quest and get clarity on what's already working in life and what are the gaps.

Big reason why to change your life
What is holding you back from changing your life

What is holding you back

We will work through any limitations that might be holding the client back from living their dream life - limiting beliefs, 'yes, buts..', and more.

What is your North Star

The purpose of this step is to define a bold vision for who the client wants to be and outline their individual purpose across all areas of life.

Bold vision for your life

What’s included in the programme


Designing your dream life

At this step the client will come up with lots of ideas and creative ways of translating their purpose into day-to-day in pursuit for a more meaningful life.

Test, Learn & Iterate

In this step the client will put into practice all the ideas taking an experimental approach to ensure they minimize risks and stay on the right path.


What Your Company Gets

A Healthy

& Happy Workforce

Fulfilling life is positively linked with mental and physical health and improved overall wellbeing.

Improved Employee


When your employees unlock their full potential - they have increased intrinsic motivation to engage in creative work.


Employee Productivity

For every 10,000 employees who experience their work as meaningful, you get £60M annually in productivity gains.



Studies show, that 81% of employees would recommend their company because of a positive association with meaningful work.



A step-by-step coaching programme to help your employees design a more fulfilling life to unlock lifelong wellbeing. It is designed by a team of PhDs, health scientists, innovators, and strategists.

Who are our coaches


We speak your language

Our coaches come from the corporate background and understand the struggles and the aspirations of your employees more than anyone - because they've been there.


All of our coaches are certified in Life Strategy and hold additional certifications to offer extra support as an when needed.


Book a Consultation

Drop us an email at or book an exploratory call with someone from our team.


Would you like to try the programme before offering it to others? Get in touch to receive an example mission pack and experience a session with one of our coaches.

Not ready to commit to a full programme?

Start with one of our workshops

Future Proof Your Wellbeing

Virtual seminar on future trends shaping our work and personal lives and how we can adapt to stay happy and fulfilled in the new post-COVID world.

Your Daily Happiness

Long-term wellbeing is made of how we live each day. This workshop is designed to help you define how you can make the most of your every day.

Personal Values as a Life Compass

An interactive workshop to help your employees define their personal values and learn how to use them to stay on track in life.

Conquer your Limiting Beliefs

In this workshop we will work through the limiting beliefs and address those that are preventing you from realising your full potential.

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