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My Life Quest

Discover who you truly are

and build the life you want

Do you feel ...

Stuck in an unfulfilling career?

Burnt out, exhausted,
and unmotivated?

Overwhelmed with all the options in life?

Welcome to My Life Quest

An interactive online journey to help you uncover true self, find your flow, and design your most amazing life

A journey from overwhelm to clarity:

  • Understand what drives you
  • Find your life purpose
  • Create a bold vision and a strategic life plan
  • Get unstuck and find the courage to live on your terms

How it works?

Self-guided personal discovery journey

10 fun missions to unlock

Each mission will get you closer to clarity


Your First Step

  • What’s working in your life
  • What are the gaps
  • What needs recalibrating


Enjoy for free

We want you to experience the transformational power of the quest, so you can enjoy the first steps completely free. We won’t even ask you for your credit card details or try to trick you into a paid version.

Free trial

  • Experience the 2 first missions

  • Saved results 2 mission


Lifetime access

  • Full 10 missions

  • Saved results

  • Access to trackers

  • Ability to repeat exercises


Personalised Guidance

  • Full 10 missions

  • Saved results

  • Access to trackers

  • Ability to repeat exercises

  • 10 sessions with life design coach


Money-back guarantee

Embark on your My Life Quest risk-free! We believe in the transformative power of our program, and if, after completing the full quest, you don’t feel the clarity you expected, we’ll gladly refund your investment — no questions asked.


Customer reviews

It created an incredible clarity of thought about my life.
I couldn’t stop, kept wanting to do mission after mission.
Inspiring, structured, simple and fun!
Calm, peaceful and serene journey to mental clarity.

Our story

Life Strategy Quest is a cross-border project by a passionate multi-disciplinary team. We are doctors, scientists, strategists, artists, and designers from all over the world.

The project is led by an ex-strategy consultant, Natalya Permyakova , who has spent years working with C-suites of Fortune 500 companies helping them define strategies.

Natalya was stunned by how people don’t take nearly as rigorous approach to their life, and wanted to change that. That’s how Life Strategy Quest was born, as a tool to help people navigate increasing life complexity and make the most of human potential.

Natalya used her methodology to design her own life. She leads location-independent lifestyle, works as a CEO of Life Startup and a life design coach, writes articles on entrepreneurship and life design, and teaches yoga.

Watch Natalya’s story here.
Design Your Best Life

Our Team

Waldeck (1).jpg

Waldeck Poirie

Father of design, Concept creator, author of beautiful backgrounds

Maria Azovkina

Creative engine behind our beautiful communications & product

Daria Bessonova

UX goddess, our
‘eye for detail’ ninja, in charge of all
Helix (1).jpg

Helix Young

Character magician, the creator of our beautiful mascot Octa
Grigory (1)_edited.jpg

Grigory Kapran

Development genius that can do anything! In charge of all development
Natalya (1)_edited.jpg

Natalya Permyakova

Mother of the quest, creative director, concept author. In charge of everything:)


My Life Quest is a self-discovery app that allows you to answer big life questions in an enjoyable way. It helps you figure out what you truly want and create a bold vision for your life in 10 fun steps.
With My Life Quest you will:
  • Understand what drives you
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Create a bold vision for your life
  • Create a strategic life plan
  • Bring the plan to life with experiment
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