10 Signs You Need a Life Change and How to Get Back On Track

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Do you find yourself unmotivated and exhausted lately? Do you dread waking up in the morning, feel anxious, depressed, or maybe even burnt out? Those might be the symptoms of your deeper life dissatisfaction, the signs that you are ready for a new chapter.

In this post, I will walk you through the signs you've lost track in life and offer a step-by-step framework to help you get back on track.


10 signs you are not on track in life

Signs you've lost track in life include apathy, insomnia and depression

Here are the 10 signs that can indicate you need a life change:

1. You don’t feel excited getting up in the morning anymore

2. You often experience the ‘Sunday night blues’ dreading getting back to work on Monday

3. You often catch yourself thinking “What’s the point of it all?”

4. You feel like a hamster in a wheel trapped in your 9-5 job

5. You know there are people out there living a fulfilling life, but somehow everyone around you lives a life like yours and you think you must be stupid wanting something else

6. There is a career or a hobby that excites you, but you feel it’s too late, expensive, silly to change your life track now that you’ve already invested so much time and effort into your career

7. You’ve been in a demanding job for quite some time and feel exhausted and want to have a more balanced life

8. Your body shows the signs that you need to rebalance – you lost your sleep, gained weight, feel anxious or depressed

9. You are missing the things that are important to you in your life – like spending time with friends, having a significant other or being in nature.

10. Your list of hobbies, dreams, passion projects keeps growing but you can’t find the time or energy to work on it.

Have you recognised yourself in one of a few of those statements? This could mean that it’s time for you to take a step back and revise your trajectory.

You might discover you only need to tweak a few things, or you might decide do a full life overhaul. In any case, it seems like it’s time to look at your Life Strategy.

Why do we lose track in life?

With so much choice and options in life it can be easy to lose track and end up on a completely wrong trajectory.

I often see unfulfilled people not because they are not ambitious or hard working enough, but because they are working hard in the wrong direction. How do I know? I was one of those people.

I was one of those people working hard in a wrong direction

As someone who is very ambitious, I was determined to become successful in my consulting job in London, and I did. But the further I moved in that direction, the more signs of not being on track were popping up.

I lived the most exciting life many people dream of – I had a great job working with the CEOs of global companies advising them on strategy and innovation, I worked with incredibly smart people, went on lots of international business trips, and had a great paycheck.

At the same time, the pressure was high, and it started impacting my health and other parts of my life. I was stressed, lost my sleep, it was very hard to stay in shape. I could only see my friends and family once or twice a year during my holidays and the job I didn’t feel like what I was meant to be doing.

For a long time, I ignored those signs. I was convincing myself it’s just a phase - winter, hard project, temporary health issue, [insert your thing].

But when I didn’t want to wake up in the morning anymore, it was a clear sign something must change. I didn’t know what exactly, but I was determined to find that out.

What is Life Strategy and why do you need one?

I have spent years advising clients on growth strategies and it stunned me that I never took the time to look at my own life’s strategy. No one I knew did.

And life is the most precious enterprise. So, how come we never treat it with the same rigour corporates treat their strategies?

This is precisely what I did to get my life back on track. I looked at myself and my life methodically and holistically:

- I looked at my values, things I wanted to do and achieve in life, things that brought me