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Life Design Using Values

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Perfect fully virtual Christmas gift for friends, colleagues and the loved ones.

Give a truly impactful gift with a meaning.

Personal values are the strategic foundation for life. Without knowing what truly matters to you, you may end up working hard in a completely wrong direction. Avoid this mistake by establishing what your personal values are and how can you use them to take strategic approach to life.

In this session you will explore your values in-depth and from various angles.


· Make important life decisions – such as what job might be good for you, where to live or what matters to you most in a relationship

· Evaluate how you are doing in life and see if you are on the right track

· Make the most of your life by defining what to focus on when it comes to work life, love life and physical environment

· Develop a robust framework for life - your core values are a robust framework and a foundation for your entire life. Once established, they will serve as your compass through life.

Format: 1-2-1 virtual life design session with one of Life Startup life designers

What's included:

  • Workbook with exercises
  • 60 min coaching session
  • Personalised follow up exercises

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