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Calm Centre

We are working day and night (with breaks to play of course!) to get you the most amazing member content. 

We are preparing all the essentials tools you need to lay the foundation for your dream life. Keep an eye on this section. It will grow every day just like our favourite sour dough.

This is what is in tha making. Are you excited? We too!


Calm & Sleep


Living with Less


Intuitive Living


Play & Recharge 

Good sleep and staying calm are essential to living your best life. It's not easy to always stay calm especially if you are in a high-pressure job or living in a big city.

We'vee been there and collected all the best tools and techniques to get you sleeping again...zzz

Here at Life Startup we believe that working more to produce more to consume more to work more is a sure way to living a very miserable life.  We believe in intentional and mindful living. 

We don't need much for the best life. What we do need is the right stuff. We will guide you through how to know what 'right stuff' is for you

Living in a modern Western society often means relying on our brains way to much and entirely dismissing the 'intuitive' part that often is so much more intelligent. 

Once you embrace your intuition, you will make better decisions a lot faster and will know exactly what you need to live your dream life. 

Every now and again we simply need to recharge and rejoice. Be in the nature, embrace our inner child and play a little. Only when your cup is full, will youu be able to pour your energy into meaningful projects and activities. 

We have a host of fun things for you to do, you will feel full of energy and enthusiasm in no time.

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Coming Soon...
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