3 Simple Steps to Recover From Burnout

Ok, you’re burnt out, now what?

You’ve recognized yourself in these signs of burnout and admitted it’s time to take action. But how do you recover from burnout?

In this post, I will share a very simple 3-step approach to burnout recovery.

All you need to do is follow the steps and be gentle with yourself.

Here is the summary of the 3 steps you need to take to recover from burnout. Keep reading for a detailed explanation of each step.


Summary of 3 steps to recover from burnout

Step 1. Fix the basics.

You need to eliminate your energy drainers and maximize your energy generators to get back on track as fast as possible. Here is what you need to do:

  • Sleep, eat, exercise, repeat. Take a break and focus on the foundation. Eat wholesome meals, prioritize regular gentle exercise and get enough sleep.

  • Spend lots of time in nature. Nature is the most powerful healing resource. Walk barefoot, listen to the sounds of nature, sit by the river, lie under a tree.

  • Reduce the amount of stress. Eliminate the source of your burnout. If it’s your job - take a break. If it’s your parental responsibility - ask for help. If it’s a little bit of everything - reduce the number of things you do on all fronts.

  • Slow down. Burnout is a sign you’ve had too much on for too long. It’s time to slow down. Do less, be, less. You don’t have to be the best at everything, you can just be.

Step 2. Regain your joy.

Once you’re functioning again at a minimum level, it’s time to replenish your inner resource with the things that bring you joy. What brings you joy? Painting? Singing? Playing with a dog? Watching kids play? Walking in the mountains? Whatever it is, do that. A lot of it.

Step 3. Reassess your priorities.

You can fix your burnout this time. But how can you make sure it doesn’t happen again? Take a step back and reassess your life’s priorities.


Ok, let’s deep dive into each of the steps in more detail.

Step 1. Fix the basics.

First things first, step number one is your emergency response to burnout. Those are the immediate things you need to do to get back into the functioning human capacity.

Sleep, eat, exercise, repeat

When we burn out, we often have trouble sleeping, no time for eating well, and feeling too exhausted to exercise. Have you been drawing on your resources for way too long and now have nothing left to even fix the basics?

Take it one tiny step at a time. Start with a gentle form of exercise, like yoga or pilates. Go for a quiet tech-free walk in nature. Plan a moderate weekend hike with your friends.

While you have little energy, use it wisely, on fundamental things that will maximize your energy in the longer run. For example, cook wholesome meals for yourself and your family. It’s a great way to exercise self-care, connect with your loved ones and practice mindfulness.

This step seems obvious and boring, but, trust me, do those things, and you will feel the difference in a matter of days.

Spend lots of time in nature

Burnout happens when we draw on our energy resources for too long without putting anything in. Your priority now should be getting that energy back.

Nature is known to have great healing powers. If you want to recover from burnout fast, you should prioritize your time in nature.

Surround yourself with as much green as you can. Even better if you can be near the water - sit by the river, listen to the waterfall, swim in the lake. If you are stuck in the city and have no access to natural sources of water, even a city fountain can help you feel better.

Here are a few more things you can do to heal through nature.