Feel the fear and do it anyway

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Fear is the biggest barrier preventing us from changing life and pursuing our dreams. Why are afraid of change? Why the unknown seems scarier than staying in an unbearable situation forever? How can you conquer your fears and become the bravest person you know?

Millenial on a plane thinking about life
Changing life and pursuing your passions is exciting, but fear might get in the way

Fear is the most common blocker getting in the way of changing life

A brave person is not the one that is not afraid. A brave person is the one that is afraid but does it anyway.

Let’s talk about fear. Fear is a word often associated with obviously scary things. Like the fear of death, losing a loved one or the fear of snakes or spiders. But what about that feeling, when you know you must act, or you know you want to be a certain kind of person acting in a certain way, but you don’t?